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Archive ad: Dragon Fruit Plants with Fruit on them now

Price: $10.00

White flesh dragon fruit plants in various states of bloom. Many with fruit on them now, others in full-bloom, many just budding. Take one home today, and watch the fruit ripen from lime green to a bright red, and the buds open into beautiful very large tubular yellow flowers. I have hundreds, if you tell me the kind you need I can help you pick out the best one for you, and in your price range. After the flowers drop off, the incredibly delicious dragon fruits will emerge from beneath. $10 one-foot tall plant with a single bloom $20 two-foot tall plants with multiple blooms $30 three-feet tall plants with as many as six blooms $150 massive six-foot tall plants in 15 gallon pots All will bare huge delicious red skin, white flesh fruit next month. Each fruit should weigh about a pound each. These gorgeous well-rooted plants will pay for themselves in fruit this season alone, and continue to deliver ever-increasing mouth-watering harvests for forty years, and more. Each plant will grow to about 20 feet tall. Red flesh Vietnam Red Dragon Fruit plants 2 foot-tall plants $20 3 foot-tall plants $30 4 foot-tall plants $40 5 foot-tall plants $60 6 foot-tall plants $100 Yellow Dragon Fruit Plants 1 foot tall plants $30 2 foot tall plants $60 4 foot tall plants $80 Voodoo Child Red Dragon Fruit Plants 1 foot tall plants $20 2 foot tall plants $30 3 foot tall plants $40 4 foot tall plants $60 6 foot tall plants $100 Vietnam Red will bloom and fruit this summer, each plant paying for itself this year in HUGE mouthwatering red flesh fruits up to four pounds each. Will provide ever-increasing harvests for the next forty years, and beyond. Only red flesh varieties of dragon fruit lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, and help manage elevated cholesterol. Must trellis this plant when you get it home, otherwise the heavy fruit will break the branches. I'll include written instructions for you to take home with you. Please ask for my full color brochure, and I’ll be glad to email it to you. It will tell you everything you need to know about growing, and eating dragon fruit plants. Cash pick up/solo efectivo: 1183 N Bonnie Beach Place @ Snow LA 90063 Above City Terrace Park Alhambra/Monterey Park adjacent Se habla espanol 323 712-3984

Ad Placed: 2010-09-18 21:16:16

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